Jos after school Club

We do get requests for help directly to us or through our members. This is a project that provides activities for children after school and also to help them with their school home. This helps them to be off the street and danger. We do support such a project whenever we can.
Dear Sir/Madam,
Appeal for help

We would like to appeal to you for more support as there has been a range of projects we need help. The Lord has helped us to evangelize children and a lot of children are born again and many more are yet to be. The children all are active and enthusiastic participants in the bible clubs, they enjoy just being children, loving one another and seizing the opportunity to learn. But we lack trained children workers and teachers and children/teachers resource materials. This great need has prompted the present children teachers to begin to solicit for help. This is why we as children bible teachers write you to please help us in the sourcing of resources for the great needs and children harvest for Christ in Jos Nigeria. The bible teaches that the church should teach the children in the way they should go when they are old they would not depart from it (Proverbs 22: 6).

 Children after-school clubs

To help children off the street and provide holistic help that is spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

 Outreaches and bible club needs

  1. Prayers for labourers.  For any harvest, we need the hard work in prayer to evangelize and care for children this can be achieved by praying the same prayer that Jesus prayed. The fields are white and the harvest is ready, Lord of harvest we ask that you send in labourers and helps into your harvest.
  1.  At two teachers per class of 20 children, the shortfall of teachers for approximately 1000 children at present is about 60. These volunteers are Christians and teachers by profession or by calling but volunteers for children after school club teaching. Many children don’t have the opportunity to come to church on Sundays so they are reached in their neighbourhood with the gospel and fun. Training is given by the children evangelism ministry to bring teachers to understand and impact the aims and objectives of the children ministry through prayer, teaching, counselling and caring for the needs of the children.
  1. Teachers’ resource materials- Electronic/digital projector, white screen, lesson materials, teachers’ manuals, drama, and puppetry.  Others are storybooks, flannel board, flannel graphs, flipchart, writing materials, lesson notes, display board and fairly good computers.

Cost of logistics for follow up of children to after outreach harvests and bible club establishment cost of £1 per child (The children in the clubs are 913 in number).

  1. Christian video/ animated films (e.g. storytellers)
  1. Moral Educational Material
  1. Writing materials- crayon, colouring pen, drawings, play dough, pencils and pen etc.
  1. Funds for 5 orphans’ school fees
  1. Sets of sportswear- Jerseys, boots and shorts (for ages  7, 9, 15)
  1. Sports equipment –footballs, rackets for basketball/badminton/volleyball and Frisbee

  Indoor games – Board games (e.g. Scrabble, monopoly and chess)

  1. Toys, clown wears, mascot costumes and  father charismas costumes
  1. Photo cameras
  2. Video Cameras

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