How the Dog came to live with Man.

Narrated by Fleur Menzies.

Once upon a time the dog and the wolf were brothers. They lived in the forest and hunted together. They dug a hole, in which they lived and called it home.

During the dry season, they worked very hard to find food. Many little animals had died because of the draught and the grass had dried up because of the heat. They had to walk for miles in search of water. They grew thin but they always stayed together.
The rains came, the grass grew and the animals that survived the draught came back. There was plenty of food to eat, for the brothers. The only problem they had was the cold nights. One night as they slept it rained and the hole was filled up with water. They woke up wet and shivering.

The big brother asked the younger one to go to a village about a mile away from where they lived to steal a log of fire. So the younger wolf went. When he reached the village everybody was asleep. He went to the house of a hunter. The hunter had killed a big animal that day and the place smelt of meat. Bones were strewn everywhere. The wolf forgot why he was there and set about eating the scraps of meat and the bones he found. He ate so much that walking was uncomfortable.

There was a small hut, which was empty but full of pots and knives. In the corner flickered red-hot cinders. The room was very warm and comfortable. The wolf lay down near the fire and soon fell asleep.

Early in the morning the hunter and his family woke up and went about preparing to go out hunting when they found a strange animal in the kitchen asleep. They called each other to come and see. Just then the wolf woke up and found himself surrounded. He could not run away or they might kill him. So he started wagging his tail. When the men saw that, they smiled at each other and went closer to the wolf. He did not move. He just wagged his tail. So they offered him food which he ate. When the men saw that the animal was not dangerous was very friendly they decided to allow him to stay in the village. It might go hunting with them some time so he stayed and was called a dog. Meanwhile, the older wolf was getting impatient. He started calling him. But there was no answer. He did not know whether his brother was killed or decided to stay in the village. So he continues to bark (call) even up today. In the night you can hear the wolf barking. He is calling his younger brother the dog.

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