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Feedback from the Health Workshop of February 2019

1. About Yourself

a. Age Group

16-24      =       3
25-35      =       2
36-45      =       1
46-54      =       5
55+         =      7

b. What African country do you associate with?

Nigeria             12
Kenya               1
Uganda             2
Zambia             1
Swaziland          1
Ghana               1
Rwanda             1

c. Where do you live? Aberdeen


2. How was your day?

Where the topics of discussion relevant to you?

Yes    =19

Which topic was most relevant and why?

Domestic violence/abuse = 6
Mental Health   = 7
Sickle Cell = 5
How the system works =2

c. Which topic was most relevant and why?

Domestic abuse-Its discussion in relation to Africans has not really started
I learnt many things including how the system works, mental wellbeing, Access to health care.
It is relevant to young people/domestic violence and abuse
Understanding of sickle cell –screening and prevention of sickle cell
Greater awareness of Gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health rights
Knowledge of Gender-based violence is most relevant because it is a very important issue especially in the African community and needs constant awareness
Everything I heard today was relevant and useful. In light of health services, people’s right should be explained to especially with migrants/students
The discussion highlighted the scale and complexity of the challenges that relate to our wellbeing especially as it pertains to African people and the young people.
 Which topic was least relevant and why?   = 0

3. What other topics would you like discussed next time

Immigration in relation to mental health and stress
 Engaging teenage groups in the discussion,
More health awareness/information be given
Reproductive health and sexual health
Sickle cell
Mental health
Domestic violence
Prostate problems for men
Healthy eating/foods
 The need for Africans to show more interest in health issues

3. What do you think of the Speakers’ Presentation?

Excellent ( 3)
All the speakers addressed the topics very well
They presented themselves very well and it was worth attending
Very good and informative
All good
Very good
Very informative and clear (2)
Very convincing, informative and passionate
They communicated effectively
Very good- considering the time constraints


4. Other comments and suggestions

a. How and where did you hear of this event?

Kwisa   1 
African women’s Group   5
Online invitation on facebook     1
Through friends (words of the mouth)   6
 African and Caribbean Christian Fellowship   5

b. Would you be interested in returning for another session like this?

19 yes

c. Please include any comments or suggestions that you’d
like to share:

The time was too short for a number of issues on the programme. We end up doing little justice to the topics.

It should be longer next time

There should be more awareness raising, keep them relevant, Good discussion, excellent chance to network

 It is sad to see that Africans in Scotland are not united and fail to understand that we all have common challenges.

  Please repeat this workshop

 Maybe engage more in social media platforms such as Twitter for discussions and Instagram for pictures     

     The African community is still widely divided. We need to address the issue of Unity

I will suggest that consideration be given to partnering with African Council especially on these issues which affect African men and women as well as families. To this end, I would like to pay tribute to African Women’s Group for the inclusive approach in which the different issues were highlighted at today’s event are dealt with.  I would also like to commend Kwisa for their flexibility which culminated in today’s excellent event.

Thank very much for organising the discussions. They were greatly appreciated.