Conference Recommendation.

1998 Recommendations

There is a need for African women to identify and support each other.

There is a need to meet and discuss issues that affect us

There is a need to get involved with communities services and demand our right for better services.

 Improve communication among African women by sharing information.

 More research should be done into the position of African Women in contemporary Scotland.

 There should be more conferences of this kind, where we can learn to articulate our issues.

 There is a need for mentoring for women seeking employment and for younger children.

 There is a need for training in self-empowerment and professional development.
 To raise awareness in issues that affect African Women across Europe

Encourage African Women to write their stories for posterity.

Encourage African Women to diversify career prospects

 Encourage African Women to join voluntary organisations, community groups and professional bodies to raise their profile. Increase access to information such as training education rights.

Encourage African men to be proactive in community activities

Raise awareness on how to acquire the skill of lobbying.

Establish links with other African groups in England and in Europe at large

 Identify and Target training for African Women according to their needs.

 We should promote our skills and knowledge of consultancies.

 If we have been here for over 400 years, our history should be in

School Curriculum and more people should know about it too


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