Conference 2004

equality, empowerment & advancement

The aim of 2004 conference in Aberdeen was to celebrate 10 years of African Women’s Group existence. Also to launch a book “African Women Speaking” giving voice to African women to narate their own stories in this enviroment. Our problem has always been our invisibility and voicelessness, but no one is going to give us the audience or the voice. We have to tell our own stories.

The fact that we live her does not mean we have forgotten where we come from. It is has always been our desire to connect to our roots, to find ways to support women in Africa, know what is going out there in terms of harmful practice, political marginalisation, the poor health system, poverty, the girl child education etc.

We also want to network with our sisters in other parts of  the UK, the Carribbean and the US.
In this conference we invited Professor Wendy Graham of Aberdeen University to talk on maternity health of African women in Africa, Dr Martha Chinouya tChallenges of African Families in the UK. Mrs Thoko – talked  of Akina Mama wa Afrika to talk on networking and the challenges facing African Charity in the UK. Mrs Tamala Uhura talked of mentoring of young people.

These were the issues discussed them and they are still very relevant today.

Guest Speakers: