Conference 1998

equality, empowerment & advancement

The African Women Conference in Scotland – Aberdeen 1998

Conference Theme: Our invisibility in Scotland

As many of you will remember we had a heart touching conference in February 1998 at Aberdeen. It was the first conference African women in Scotland ever organised. There was enthusiasm and hope that we here coming together to further our causes.

What everybody agreed was that this kind of meeting should be more frequent so that we would be able to find ways of supporting and encouraging each other to raise our profile and our issues.There is no better time than now with the formation of Scottish Parliament. Most marginalised groups have positioned themselves in the new Scotland except us Africans

Currently there is no true representative of our community in anything in Scotland. There are few individuals who try to participate and be seen here and there where it matters but they are too few and far between. There is an African saying that “a broom stick does not clean, few broom sticks clean but not properly but a bunch of broom sticks clean effectively”. Individual effort is good but collective effort will be more effective.

Remember we have been here for the past 400years. We are not strictly strangers here.

Therefore we should not feel like strangers here. Even as stranger we deserve peace, equity and equality. Equality has never been given free of charge to anybody especially to black people. We should not expect all would be well without us participating in the new Scotland.We are in the process of forming a group that will bring us together in Scotland, where we will identify our needs, set out our objectives on how to tackle our needs and to improve our survival in Scotland. Be it training or capacity building.

These were very outstanding presentations at the conference. They are still very relevant today.

These were the issues discussed them and they are still very relevant today.