The death of George Floyd was one of the most inhumane death I have ever witness. It was worst for the children who could not make head or tail of what they saw. They wept and many could not eat or sleep because of what they saw. They have been taught (rightly so) that all human beings are equal and should be treated with respect. When the saw a white man with his knee on a black man begging for his life and he was denied that right. As a black child you begin to wonder, was I told the truth that I am as equal as any human being? A five year child asked the father “why are police men always sitting on black people is it because they are bad?” What a soul destroying question from a child.

No wonder, people and the world was incensed with this killing and there was protest about “Black Lives Matter”.  Our lives always matter to us but not some people but they are the minority. There were protests all over the world and in Aberdeen Scotland. The African Women Group made a protest poster “We can’t Breathe”. To be honest in the West Black people can’t breathe from expectation, confirmation, affirmation, racism, the otherness and them and us, from marginalisation, racial inequality and disparity.

I don’t think black people are asking special favours but simple equity in live so that we all thrive.

Many people have come out and protested. Now what next?  Is protest enough? What must change for things to be better?

There must be policy changes in individuals and institutions, tackling of racism and racial disparity, diversity and inclusion from the shop floor to the board room. Reviewing of racial equality policies and its training, currently it is not working. More people should speak up and speak out, we should have more dialogue with each other, reviewing the school curricula to include others. Let us tell the truth.

Who started Black Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter was started by Black women (Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullers and Opal Tomeh in 2013 following the acquittal of George Zimmerman who killed Trayvon Martin an unarmed black teenager.

Alicia took to social media that night of Zimmerman acquittal and wrote “Black people I love you, I love us, our lives matter”

What does Black Lives Matter stand for?

Propose policy demand, institutional reform to include domestic policy, economic justice, investment in equitable education and health.

By Bertha Yakubu