african heritage

equality, empowerment & advancement

The African Heritage is Magazine started by the African women Group Aberdeen as a way of communicating information and news related to Africa to and from the African Community in Aberdeen and subsequently the north-east of Scotland. The idea was to publish a quarterly magazine. The first issue came out in June 1996 and the contents included the following:

News from Home,
History and Culture
Profiles of Africans in Scotland
Getting to Know you,
African Fashion and Recipe,

Kiddies Corner and Business Section.
Since then the magazine has improved in quality of prints and the articles submitted. The remit has changed. We now want to publish it electronically. We encourage both men and women, young and old to write and expressed their views on current issues. It is acting more as a voice for the African Community here.
The magazine accepts adverts. The quarter-page is £10.00, the half-page is £20.00 and full-page £30.00.
Also if you are interested in contributing articles or poems and stories to the magazine, please sent your article to the editor.