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The African Women’s Group’s Scotland started as a Scottish Charity in June 1994 with the simple objective of providing space for African Women to meet and break the isolation and loneliness  they experienced. Since then we have become a voice and face of our community in Aberdeenshire and Scotland working in partnership with other African groups in the UK. There is still more work to be done in our community in the area of immigration, employment, retraining, job placement, business,  mental health issues, our children and their self identity. We are still facing racism,  maginalisation. We are advocating for greater diversity, equity political engagement and participation  . We also acts as advocacy group in many issues, we share information, support those in need and distress.

We encourage African women to improve themselves mentally, physically, emotionally, educationally and economically. To participate and engage in what is going on in their community and the general community and have confidence to have their say in every issue that is being debated in  the society;  participate in the discussion on issues be it local, national and international. We maintain links with women groups in Africa and support their initiatives and projects. We work closely with some grassroots women in Africa in the area of poverty reduction and education.

We also want to be a voice and face of women from  Southern Hemisphere (Africa)  in Northern Hemisphere working together in the area of women empowerment, poverty reduction, promotion of equality, justice and focus on the girl child.

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Who do we represent?

We represent the interest of women and their families from Africa and the diaspora. We come from the following countries:

Belize, Botswana,  Cameroon, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Guyana, Côte d’Ivoire,  Kenya

Lesotho, Malawi, Nigeria,  Northern Sudan, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda, Somalia, St Lucia

Zambia, Zimbabwe and Angola. Any woman with African ancestry is welcome and women married to Africans, children with African parentage.