Conference 2004

Mrs Tamala

Mentoring eh? A study was conducted to establish behaviour:   Think about great people with whom you have worked or those that you have heard, read about and whom you would like to be….your role models, so to say. What is it about them that made them so effective?  The unanimous response is that most effective …

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Ms Thoko

Challenges of growth and development of an organisation I want to thank the organisers, African Women Group Aberdeen, for inviting me to this celebration. It is a celebration of the achievements that have come through commitment and a sense of struggles. It is a celebration of a story that needs to be told. It is …

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Martha Chinouya- Musoro

Challenges of African Families in the UK Martha is a researcher on HIV/AIDS among African communities in England. She works extensively with Africans living with HIV and AIDS. She started the conference by speaking about African families and the challenges facing them in the UK.  African families include the biological family made of mother, father, brother and sister. …

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